Want to Visit The Best Breweries in Saint Louis? Find the Top 3 Here

Want to Visit The Best Breweries in Saint Louis? Find the Top 3 Here

Beer is a beverage everyone loves to drink. Whether you are attending a wedding or a party, a glass of beer in hand adds more joys to the event. If you are a local citizen of Saint Louis then you might be aware of which are the best breweries located here and if not then you must go through this guide.

Brewery or also called by the name of “Brewing company” is a firm whose occupation is to manufacture beer and sell them to their customers. Years back when there were no plants of beer, people used to make beer at home and serve it to workers with the food.

Whenever we go on a vacation we all drink beer but we never gave it a thought on how beer is actually made. The brewing process is completed by following 9 steps such as:

  • Miling
  • Malting
  • Mashing
  • Lautering
  • Boiling
  • Fermenting
  • Conditioning
  • Filtering
  • Filing

After going through these many steps, your favorite beer comes into the state of “ready to drink”. Moving forward, let us checkout which are the top 5 best breweries in Saint Louis that you should explore on your next visit to Saint Louis city.

Top 3 Best Breweries in Saint Louis:

1. 2nd Shift Brewing

2nd Shift Brewing is a family business run by Steve who has done mastery in brewing. From mixing flavors to enjoying different aromas, Steve keeps on trying making varieties of beers. In their family there is a saying, “This isn’t bad” and “Is it supposed to taste like that”? This makes Steve do more experiments which results in quality beers.

2nd Shift brewing is a well known company in Saint Louis that sells beers and never compromises with the quality.

2. 4 Hands Brewing Co.

The 4 Hands Brewing Co. provides surety that they are bound with passion and delivers good beer, good food and obviously a good environment in which people get positive vibes and enjoy their food and drink by sitting in a good environment. They have a collection of varieties of beer such as like:

  • Incarnation
  • Single Speed
  • City Wide

and more.

3. Heavy Riff Brewing Company

Famous for selling the best craft beer in Saint Louis city, the company is using all the types of traditional brewing methods and serves the classic beers which everyone loves to drink. The company Heavy Riff was established in 2013 by Jerid Saffell who has had an excellent experiment in brewing and doing for a long time. He started the organization with two of his friends, Greg Meyer and Rick Hagen.

Good Beer, Good Food : What A Combination!

Make sure whenever you are drinking beer, you have plates full of good food also as it will add more joy to your evening!