The Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine

The Difference Between Red Wine and White Wine

Wines have a place of their own, and this fascinating drink has a huge fan following. Each wine type has its flavor, color, and richness. It all depends on how an individual wants their wine to be. It's more of a personal choice, and it is equally important to know about wine.

Let's discuss the difference between the most common Red and White Wine.

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How Red Wine & White Wine is Made?

Though we all know that wines are made in the same way, they are made from grapes or, in other words, fermented grape juice.

Now, one would assume that Red wines come from Red grapes and White wines are made from White Grapes. Errr. Not necessarily, as we said, wines of fermented grape juice, so all red or white grapes produce clear juice. Wines get their color from the skins and not the pulp.

While white wines are made, the grape skins are peeled off before fermentation, yielding a transparent feel.

But when it comes to producing red wines, the skins are not separated during the fermentation, and it stays in contact with the juice. The longer the skin remains in touch with the juice, the wine gets the more deep-red hue color and also a great taste.

But that's not all. Wines are stored or aged by storing them in barrels for a defined period. The red wines are typically stored in oak barrels. Wines usually need air as various chemical changes happen during the aging period. Oak barrels are tight but not air-tight, which allows chemical changes to happen. The wine develops a much-enhanced taste during this process.

White Wines are typically stored or aged in stainless steel vats to retain their fruity flavor.

White Wine vs Red Wine

Red Wine & White Wine Food Pairing

When it comes to red wine, it is soft and rich in taste, whereas white wines are fruity and light in flavor. If you're going to pair the wines with food, you should choose the right combination between them.

It's okay if white wine is taken with light food and red wine with a heavier one, for example- meat-like dishes.

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