Liquor Vs Liqueur: What's the Difference?

Liquor Vs Liqueur: What's the Difference?

If you have a good knowledge of liquor or if you work in the liquor industry then you might be knowing how similar these two words are - “liqueur” and “liquor”, they may sound similar but both of them are different. Today we will be discussing the difference between liquor and liqueur.

However, both the alcohol are formed as the distilled spirits, both of them include highly important ingredients to become distilled spirits. Though the names are similar, the taste of both liquors are not at all same. Liqueurs are sweet in taste whereas liquor is not at all sweet.

The liquors that you drink are usually handy in different flavored forms and on the other hand, líqueurs are used as an agent to add flavors in the drink.

Liquor Vs Liqueur: Find Out Here the Difference Between the Two:

What is Liquor?

The other name of liquor is spirits and it is the most famous drink in the liquor world. Spirits are an alcoholic beverage that is made by using plants or grains and all these ingredients are kept for getting fermented after mixing to become a proper potent drink.

When you talk about liquors, there are 6 variations that you can come across - gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, vodka and brandy. Once the fermentation process is completed, and liquor becomes available in the fermented form then the distillation process begins and in this, the alcohol content increases by volume by at least 20%.

The other liquors such as tequila, vodka, rum are having 40% of alcohol by volume whereas whiskey is having at least 55% of alcohol by volume.

When the fermentation process is going on, the sugar is added in a good amount but when the liquor is made completely, it does not taste much sweeter and so after the distillation process is done, different flavors are infused in the liquor that makes it a bit sweeter.

Examples of Liquor: 

Liquor BrandsSmirnoff Vodka

Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Bacardi Rum

Crown Royal Whisky

Absolut Vodka

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Jim Beam Bourbon

Jose Cuervo Tequila

Svedka Vodka

Skyy Vodka


What is Liqueur?

Liqueurs are also a type of liquor that are present in the distilled spirits, however, there is a very thin line between the liquor and liqueur which is the taste. Liqueurs are sweet in taste which includes different flavors and different oils.

Liqueurs are also known for being historical descendants of herbal medicines which were made in the country Italy in the 13th century by monks. But today, it is a famous term all over the world and has been served with coffee, ice, cocktails and also used in cooking sometimes.

In some countries like Canada and the United States, it is also known by the name “Cordials” or “Schnapps”.

When compared liquor, and liqueur with the amount of alcohol by volume, it is believed that all drinks that are having more than 35% ABV are considered as liquors, and all drinks having less than 35% of ABV are considered as liqueurs.

Examples of Liqueur: 

Liqueur Brands


Baileys Irish Cream Original

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

Disaronno Originale Amaretto






St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur


Where to Find Liquors and Liqueurs?

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