How To Celebrate Memorial Day At Home

How To Celebrate Memorial Day At Home

Memorial Day or Decoration Day is celebrated as a federal holiday in the United States of America. On this day, the American people honor, and mourn for the military personnel who sacrificed their lives by performing their duties for the nation under the United States Armed Forces. 

In the year 1868, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was approved by the Congress party, to provide a national holiday for Memorial Day.  Memorial Day falls on the last Monday of May month, which creates a three-day weekend, a long holiday for people who are working as federal employees. 

How Memorial Day is Celebrated?

On Memorial Day, the citizens of the United States visit memorials and cemeteries to express their mourn and honor to those people who died while serving in the Military. The volunteers place an American flag on the graveyards of personnel to express their gratitude. 

5 Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day At Home:

1. Enjoy Delicious Barbeque Dinner with Cocktails:

Barbeque food, when paired with tangy cocktails, makes Memorial Day more memorable. You can easily make Memorial Day Cocktails such as Lemonade Shandy, Classic Margarita, Mojitos, White Sangria, and more at your homestead. 

Cocktails are light and refreshing whereas barbeque food is a bit heavy. This combination makes a perfect pair for those who love to eat, and call themselves an “extreme foodie.”

2. Decorate Home with Flags:

For a long time, the United States of America has been following a tradition of decorating the graves of brave soldiers to express their gratitude, and pay respect. You can also host a flag at your home if you do not have any plans to visit the venue. Bring the tradition at home, and decorate the walls with stripes and stars.

3. Don’t Miss the Memorial Day Concert:

Watching Memorial Day Concerts with your family is one of the most prominent ways to celebrate Memorial Day at home. Every year, the concert is hosted, and in 2021, the concert is going to air on 30th May, at 08:00 PM. In the 90-minutes live concert, you can enjoy different musical performances, heartfelt speeches, historical stories, and more. 

4. Listen to Veteran’s Stories:

While you are sipping your favorite Memorial Day Cocktail, you can simultaneously listen to the different Veteran’ stories. Even if you don’t know them on a personal scale, you should know how they fought for the nation. You can either listen to them on YouTube or other video streaming platforms or you can read a book to take a dig through the history of Memorial Day. 

5. Craft Memorial Day Poppy:

Without red poppies, Memorial Day is incomplete. The mini red poppies are worn as a sign of remembrance, and just the day before Memorial Day, it is celebrated as National Poppy Day. You can easily find these red poppies handy in the market or you can make a few by yourself for your family and friends. 

Salute to the Brave Soldiers:

No wonder, we all are looking forward to celebrating Memorial Day 2021 on a big scale by having boozy Memorial Day Cocktails, we must never forget the sole purpose of this day. Many men and women lost their lives for our freedom. This is not only a golden opportunity to teach the kids facts about Memorial Day but also for adults to be proud of their country.