Here's 6 Drinks You Can Make At Home

Heres 6 Drinks You Can Make At Home

The summer season is on, and we all are fighting with the dangerous coronavirus. It is evident that staying at home 24/7 is a difficult task as it is not at all in our blood but instead of crying over it, we can think of ways to make our days more enjoyable.

By staying at home, you can learn many things using the digital platform. It is the best time to make the most use of your time and the internet, of course. Summer season means having chilled beverages sitting at the beachside or hanging out at a club with buddies, but yes, doing this at this moment is prohibited, so what is the other way around for this?

If you are aware of the concept of "me time" or "family time," then you can have a summer party inside your house only. All you have to do is learn how you can make the best summer drinks.

Here, you will be finding six drink recipes you can easily make at your home. Excited to learn which are they? Then, let's get started:

Top 6 Drinks To Make At Home This Summer:

1. Negroni

The cocktail historians have been enjoying the Negroni drink for the past hundreds of years, but everybody is not aware of the actual backstory of this drink. When Count Camillo Negroni communicated with a bartender and advised him to improve his Americano, vermouth, and club soda, by using soda instead of water, he made history. Since then, the name of this drink has been Negroni.

To make this drink, you need Ginsweet vermouth and campari - 1oz each. When you have all these ingredients handy with you, stir all these ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, pour it into the cocktail glass, garnish with a peel of orange or lemon and serve it.


2. Manhattan

This drink has always been served to millions of people and has been the favorite cocktail of cocktail lovers. We can assume that this drink's name is Manhattan because this drink was first poured in the city of Manhattan but not sure where. The drink is effortless to make and an excellent choice to enjoy the summer.

To make this drink, you need 2 oz rye whiskey, 1 oz sweet vermouth, and a bowl of ice. Take a chilled coupe, pour all the ingredients, mix it well. Lastly, garnish with a berry or orange peel and serve.


3. Rose Berry Bliss

If you love rose-flavored drinks, you can make Rose Berry Bliss with wine. Having a flavor of rose, in this drink, you will taste more like rose and less like wine. But the balance should be proper. Otherwise, you will not like it. To make Rose Berry Bliss, you need rose wine around 170 ml, 1 cup of blueberries, a 1-liter bottle of lime soda, and lastly, a lemon peel for garnishing.

Now, as you have all ingredients handy, take a pitcher and mix all ingredients in it. Make sure you blend it well until combined well and store it in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

Pour the chilled Rose Berry Bliss in a wine glass, garnish with a rose petal or a lemon peel and serve it.

Rose Berry Bliss

4. Mango Passion

In Southern Thailand, mango passion drink is ubiquitous, and it is effortless to make it too. To have this tropical drink made in your home, you need to add ingredients such as two ripe mangoes, ½ cup vodka, ¼ lime juice, maple syrup (optional), and a pinch of salt to get the tangy flavor.

To make the drink, cut the ripe mangoes into small pieces, add vodkasyrup, salt and mix all ingredients well. Once done, add 2-3 ice cubes and serve them. You can add a leaf of mint at the top of the glass to give it the finishing touch.

Mango Passion

5. Dressed Michelada

Dressed Michelada is a drink having orange juice in high amounts. Additionally, beer, tequila, and lime wedge are added to it so that you get a sour, sweet, and tangy flavor when you drink it.

It would be best to have silver tequila, lime juice, lager beer, orange liqueur, and lime wedge for dressed Michelada. Take a shaker, add the above ingredients. Mix them well. Shake it properly and pour it into the glass. Garnish with a lime peel and serve it.

Dressed Michelada

6. Summer Shandy

Summer Shandy has more ice cubes and fewer ingredients. It is more water with a little bit of light beer and strawberries used as a garnish. Take a glass full of ice, add light beer and nectarine ice. Take a strawberry slice, garnish and serve.

Summer Shandy

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