6 Reasons Why Drinking Whiskey Is Good For Your Health

6 Reasons Why Whiskey Is Good For Health

A glass of whiskey, mild melody and a table burdened with full-flavored cuisines! How fascinating that day will be, right? Whiskey is doubtlessly the intimate alcoholic beverage for trillions of liquor lovers but it is assured that many of them might not be knowing the health factors that can be captivated by drinking Whiskey.

As you all are mindful with the evidence that how popular whiskey is, we have listed 6 surprising health benefits you can have if you drink Whiskey. However, it is your responsibility to not to drink it in an endless manner, otherwise it will show its dark side that can be dangerous.

Whether you believe it or not, but if you know how much whiskey you should drink on a regular basis, then you can definitely see some of the major changes in your body instead of just passing through the hangover.

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Whiskey:

1. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Thousands of us suffer from collective infections because of the bad lifestyle that we follow. One of the most common diseases that is found in human beings on today's date is improper functionality of our heart. You might be wondering ,”it is working fine as I don’t feel any symptoms”, but we ignore little things and those little things make our heart performance weak, which is diagnosed later in life.

According to a study done by researchers and students at Harvard university, it has been discovered that if you drink a moderate amount of whiskey regularly, it will prevent you from heart failure and other problems that are related to heart, because whiskey is responsible for building good cholesterol in the blood cells.

2. Cures Cancer

As Whiskey contains ellagic acid in high concentration, it has the potential to fight with cancer. The powerful antioxidant that is present in Whiskey which is also found in wine, plays the role of neutralizer that kills the cancer cells present in the human body. One of the most popular brands of Whiskey that is capable of fighting cancer is the Single Malt Whiskey.

3. Good for Weight Loss

If you are crazy for having a perfect body, then drinking Whiskey is an amazing thing that you can do. Whiskey is an alcoholic drink that has the lowest carbs in it. As per a study done by the “American Society for Clinical Nutrition” in the year 1991, they suggested that if you intake a less amount of Whiskey then it can result in weight loss. But, yes, of course you have to concentrate on your other diets also.

4. Fights with Common Cold

Suffering from a common cold? A shot of Whiskey is enough! While growing up, all we heard is “drink hot water or soup” if you are suffering from a cold. But apart from the natural home remedies, Whiskey has some properties that are beneficial for curing the common cold.

Acting as a decongestant, Whiskey dilates the blood vessels directly, whereas the other beverages such as herbal tea with lemon and honey includes anesthetic properties which slowly cures the common cold.

5. Release Stress

We all are living a hectic life. Sometimes, we have to compromise our wishes to keep our family happy, sometimes we get frustrated and look for ways to feel relaxed. One of the best stress busters in this case is Whiskey. If you are feeling frustrated and irritated, shots of chilled Whiskey can make you feel relaxed. People who have anxiety problems or suffer from high stress can drink Whiskey oftenly.

6. Controls Diabetes

If you think that you might get diabetes or if you are already suffering from it, Whiskey is really good for you then! Whiskey reduces the risk of diabetes by 40% which is a very good ratio. It regulates and balances the glucose levels in your body and produces insulin which further results in a balanced sugar level.


When you drink Whiskey for the first time, you will find it bitter and you will feel that your throat is burning. So, if you are drinking for the first time, make sure you mix water in it to avoid jealousy in your throat. Also, make sure you are not drinking over.