5 Wineries To Visit This Summer in Missouri

5 Wineries To Visit This Summer in Missouri

A glass of wine can make your day. A perfect wine sometimes tastes bitter, sour, sweet or it might taste salty too. If you are drinking dry wine then the taste of it will be slightly different as it will have aromas of mix flavors of fruits and which fruit it is actually can’t be easily detected by the smell only.

Well, you might have tasted varieties of wine, but visiting a winery and checking out how wines are made is a thing that you have surely missed! The state Missouri is indeed a place in the USA that is popular for liquor manufacturing and people from all around the world visit Missouri to visit wineries or vineyards to see the making process.

Let’s see which are the top missouri wineries that you should not miss to visit when you are there.

About Wineries in Missouri:

Missouri wineries is an amazing place where you spend your fun time with your buddies or enjoy your lunch with your special one or you can just enjoy your favorite wine on a weekend evening. The state is popularly known for having oldest wineries and some of them even offer excellent hospitality which makes those wineries a “dream-destination” for thousands of liquor lovers. Here are 5 Wineries to try in Missouri:

5 Wineries To Visit This Summer in Missouri:

1. Montelle Winery:

During the 19th century, the region Augusta was popular and highly famous for serving the best wine and prohibition later halted the process for many years. In the late 1960s and 1970s, some people decided to rebuild the ancient winery or vineyards buildings. It was then, in the year 1970 when Clayton Byers established the Montelle Winery and in the year 1998 Tony Kooyumjian bought it who is the owner of Montelle Winery till date.

The firm offers four varieties of wines which are made up of four different fruits - peach, apple, grapes and cherries. The moment you step inside the tasting room of Montelle Winery, you will have a moment of joy in which you will be in the relaxation and chilling phase. The staff there makes sure that you get to taste the perfect wine and also you buy the relevant wine for different occasions.

2. Augusta Winery

Another winery that is owned by Tony Kooyumjian got established in the year 1988 in the city Augusta and the also in the year 1980, Augusta got the label of the first US city as the wine district, the reason mentioned - uniqueness in soil, historical significance, climate and of course grapes from which wines are made.

When you visit the Augusta winery and communicate with the staff you will come to know they are very-well trained in producing multiple types of wines and they are capable of convincing customers that why “Augusta Winery” is one of the best Missouri Wineries.

3. Adam Puchta Winery

If you are willing to taste the oldest wines and explore the ancient buildings that were made years ago then a visit to Adam Puchta Winery is a must. The process of making wine started in the year 1855 and till date the business has been successfully running in the liquor industry.

Adam Puchta is known for producing more than 20,000 wines annually and the brand is known for delivering the best quality of wines.

4. Chaumette Vineyards & Winery

Chaumette Vineyards & Winery was established in the year 1990 by Jackie Johnson and Hank Johnson. Hank Johnson was the one in the entire family who was fond and loved to do the cultivation of wine and making vines in his own vineyard.

Now the Chaumette Vineyards & Winery is a name in the liquor market and well-known for serving the best quality of wines and that too with best food combinations. This winery offers delicious wines such as Chardonel wine, Norton wine, Chambourcin wine and much more.

5. St. James Winery

St. James Winery was first started in the year 1970, by Pat Hofherr and Jim Hofherr and they decided to produce wine in such a manner that it is easy to drink for wine lovers and can be shared with loved ones too. Grapes that were grown by Meramec Highlands wineries in the era of 1800 got re-established so that a perfect flavored wine can be produced from it.

Since then till present, St, James winery is one of the most remarkable wineries in the Missouri and has been awarded with hundreds of awards. To become the largest winery in the east Missouri the company is putting all their efforts to be the best!

Wine will live on forever!

Wine is a beverage that makes you feel relaxed and have barely 11% to 13% of alcohol by volume. There are different benefits your body absorbs after drinking wine such as prevents from heart diseases, prevents from best cancer and more.