5 Whiskey and Food Pairings That You Must Know

5 Whiskey and Food Pairings That You Must Know

Now the time is right to refrain yourself from choosing between multiple colorful drinks to have with your favorite food and switch to brown drinks. There is always something fishy about whether it is a really good option to have whiskey with food or whether it is the right liquor to pair with food but because of the popularity of whiskey, now the idea of pairing food with different types of drinks specially whiskey is growing rapidly in many countries.

The interesting thing that all liquor lovers must note here is that we all used to have cocktails or wines with food but whenever we were having whiskey we used to have it only with a few ice cubes and no food at all. However, in European countries and Asian countries, having some food with whiskey is a common thing and now slowly this tradition is started in the United States of America too.

On the other hand you also need to make sure that you cannot pair any whiskey with any food. There should be a matching combination otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy either the drink as well as the food as the taste will not match with each other. Moving forward, let’s see which are the 5 food pairings you can have with whiskey:

5 Foods To Pair With Whiskey:

1. Apple Pie:

Apple pie is a sweet dessert and pairing a dessert with whiskey is a brilliant combination. Make sure with an Apple pie you are picking up light whiskies. As the Apple pie complements cinnamon filling and rich flavors, a drink with dark caramel flavour will do best with them. To make it a perfect dessert and whiskey combination, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on your apple pie and enjoy it with brown whiskey.

2. Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate and whiskey? Sounds an interesting combination, right? Dark chocolates are bitter in taste and when paired with whiskey you are not going to have any sweetness in your mouth for sure. So, if you want to feel some dark flavors, then this is one of the best food and whiskey combinations you can have.

Whiskey and Dark Chocolate is also the most popular pairing combination that most whiskey lovers prefer to have. Because both are bitter in taste, it will be a good thing for those who do not like sweet items.

3. Dry Fruits and Nuts

Fruits and nuts are not considered as a proper plate of food, but yes it is considered as a classic drink-side dish. If you do not want to full your tummy with food then you can enjoy the liquor with dry fruits and nuts. To have variations, you can have salty nuts and sweet nuts and complement it with a one or two sweet fruit to make the combination perfect.

4. Smoked Salmon

Smoke Salmon is highly delicious and when paired with whiskey and cream cheese this dynamic duo makes your evening more enjoyable. A whiskey having high content of rye with salmon cooked in smoky flavor will make the best pairing.

5. Red Meat

When it comes to pairing a non-veg dish with whiskey, you get thousands of options to choose from. If you want to enjoy a barbecued dish then red meat here is highly recommended. Another classic combination that you can enjoy with whiskey is the grilled meat with a cheese dip with a deep brown whiskey like The Glenlivet whiskey or the bourbon whiskey.

Enjoy Your Drink With Your Favorite Food!