5 Patriotic Drinks for Independence Day & How to Drink Them

5 Patriotic Drinks for Independence Day & How to Drink Them

Celebrated with passion, and pride in the United States of America, Independence Day falls on 4rth July of every year. On this day, the citizens celebrate the freedom they received in the year 1776. 

Apart from expressing their gratitude for the freedom fighters, they also enjoy parades, fireworks, picnics, fairs, barbeques, political speeches, and much more. Here, you can find the top 5 most popular Independence Day drinks. 

Top 5 Patriotic Drinks for Independence Day:

  1. Spirit of America - Bourbon Whiskey

The American citizens are so much in love with Independence day celebrations that they cannot refrain from having the finest whiskies that is Spirit of America. Originated from Indiana, this whiskey contains 43% alcohol by volume, and goes well with barbeque food like smoked chicken, smoked salmon fish, prawns, and more. 

 Drink Suggestion:

Pour the whiskey on the rocks, and use your personal favorite choice of mixer. Once done, you have got a super-fantastic drink fit for celebrating the national holiday. 

2. Aviation American Gin:

The Aviation American Gin contains 42% alcohol by volume. This gin has a special place in the list of classic American Gins, and it is winning all the gin wars since an era. Pair the gin with crispy food items, and enjoy it with your friends, family, or loved ones. 

Drink Suggestion:

Lime plays an important role in this particular American gin. Squeeze 1 whole lime in the ice-filled collins glass, and add the gin with tonic water. Garnish it with a wedge of lime (optional), and have it chilled. 


3. Bacardi Superior White Rum:

Giving a subtle and smooth note of vanilla, and almond flavors, the Bacardi Superior White Rum is love! Being a classic white rum, the aromas, and flavors are developed in the white oak barrels which are aged for a minimum of 1 year, and at the end, they get perfectly ready to be mixed in cocktails. 

Drink Suggestion:

Squeeze lime in a glass filled with ice cubes. Pour the drink, and have it chilled with some grilled sandwiches. Enjoy the day of freedom with your favorite cocktail. 

4. Mother’s Brewing Step Dude:

Being an American-style craft beer, the drink contains noble hop, and a fresh malt aroma that offers the flavors of fruits, and citrus. The beer is quite light and crispy, and it is almost next to impossible to say no to this beer. For an occasion like Independence Day, this Mother’s Brewing Step Dude is a good choice. 

Drink Suggestion:

Simply have this chilled beer with crispy and spicy chips, and enjoy!

5. Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey:

Go wild this Independence Day with Wild Turkey 101. Being a benchmark in the bourbon world, the whiskey is good for those who choose neat or on the rocks. The first sip will give you a rich flavor of caramel, and vanilla followed by the taste of brown sugar, honey, and citrus. Perfect for the occasion!

Drink Suggestion:

Pour the whiskey in a whiskey glass or on the rocks that are filled with ice cubes. Garnishing is optional. Pair it up with chicken, and enjoy!

We wish you a very Happy Independence Day!