5 Most Popular Tequila Brands : Once You Have It You Love It

5 Most Popular Tequila Brands

Over the years, liquor has been striking as the treasured beverage of people, but liquor lovers are very definitive about their preference for booze. For example, some of you might be cemented on a particular brand of spirits or beers, and you do not belong to keep trying different liquors.

But, if you are disinterested in drinking the same drink repeatedly and willing to taste some popular brands of Tequila, then we have a list for you of the top 5 best tequila brands from where you can choose your drink.

Before we directly jump onto the list of popular brands of Tequila, we will go through a summarized chapter on how Tequila is made.

How Is Tequila Made?

The agave plant takes up to ]several years to grow fully, and each agave plant is harvested by hand; no machinery is used for the harvesting process. After the plant reaches its maturity level that is grown fully, the harvesters cut the plant from its roots, cutting all leaves present in the spike form. After removing all the attached leaves, the core that remains is known by the name of “Pina” - the primary raw material required for making Tequila.

Once these pinas reach the factory, they get cut into pieces of equal sizes, and then they are put inside the oven made of bricks for the baking process, which takes a few days. Once the baking process is completed, the pinas are then doused with water and crushed, from which a sweet syrup is released, known as the agave juice. In the agave water, yeast is added, and the water is then kept for fermentation.

Once the fermentation is done, the water is converted into an agave beer that is sweet in taste and alcoholic in a very low amount. That agave beer is further distilled, which results in becoming Tequila.

5 Most Popular Tequila Brands You Shouldn’t Miss To Drink!

1. Don Julio

Manufactured in Mexico city, Don Julio is one of the most popular tequila brands sold worldwide in large amounts. The brand got its name “Don Julio” after Don Julio Gonzalez-Frausto Estrada, the founder of this brand, started distilling the Tequila in 1942.

At the age of 17, he started experimenting with making different types of drinks from Tequila. For the next 40 years of his life, he experimented with endless procedures to manufacture the finest Tequila, from harvesting plants to selling the product.

Don Julio

2. Herradura

Located in Amatitan Jalisco, Mexico, Tequila Herradura is an association that serves the best Tequila. Founded in 1870 by Felix Lopez, the business got established in such a divine manner that the business is still running successfully for the past 150 years. Brown-Forman now handles the entire business; however, the manufacturing process of Tequila still happens at the previous location and is taken care of by a Mexican subsidiary.

The company provides the surety that the tequila products sold by the name of Herradura are 100% agave. They also manufacture other tequila products like Jimador, New Mix, which are considered the best-selling Tequila in Mexico city.


3. Patron

The Patron brand tequila is manufactured in the Patron Spirits Company that is located in Mexico City. The company offers varieties of Tequila to their customers like Gran Patron Platinum, Gran Patron Burdeos, Patron Silver, Patron Reposado, and more. So, if you are picking up the Patron brand to try Tequila for the first time, you will have multiple options to choose from.


4. Clase Azul

Clase Azul is one of the most authentic tequila brands that provide Tequila in handcrafted bottles and looks incredible. The firm is located in Santa Maria Canchesda, a small town in the Mexican region. It has more than 100 artists and makers who effortlessly manufacture Tequila and decorate the handcrafted bottles.

Clase Azul

5. 1800 Tequila

Popular as the best Mexican tequila brand, the owner of the 1800 Tequila is the Beckmann Family. They are not only the owner of the 1800 Tequila but also owns the Jose Cuervo, which is yet another popular Tequila brand.

They are the owner of the 1800 Tequila and own the Jose Cuervo, which is yet another famous Tequila brand.

The manufacturing of tequila bottles is done in Jalisco, Mexico. The Tequila was first harvested in the oak casks when the 1800s’ was going on. It is how this brand kept its name as 1800 Tequila. The United States imports the brand and sells it worldwide through the Beckmann family’s distribution company Proximo Spirits, located in the US.

1800 Tequila

Drink, the Real Thing!

Tequila is indeed one of the purest forms of alcohol that one should try at least once in their life. If you have never tried it, do it once in your life, you will love it for sure.