5 Glassware Types for Home Bar

5 Glassware Types for Home Bar

Many of us love to have a corner in our house which we can operate as a bar so that whenever we are craving for either cocktails or just liquors, we just have to walk a few steps to have it with us.

So, if you already have a home bar at your house or you are planning to open it, then there is one more thing you need to know - its about the type of glassware that you must have for your home bar.

Picking up glasses is very easy but it is important to have a quality glasses collection and to assist you we are here with a list of 8 glassware types for home bars. You will go through a wine glass, glasses for beer and spirits and more.

Each glass comes in different shapes and sizes with different capacity of ounces to hold. So, with each type of glass you will also get an idea about how much amount of drink you can consume from that glass.

So, let’s throw a light upon which are the 8 glassware types that must be present in your home bar.

5 Glassware Types for Your Home Bar:

1. The Collins and Highball Glasses

When you will look at the Collins glasses and the highball glasses, both will look similar, and when it comes to finding differences, the only difference you will notice is in the height and the capacity of containing alcohol.

The collins glasses are narrow and taller in size whereas the highball glass is bit wider and shorter in height.

Drinks you can have in Highball Glass:

  • Zombie
  • Bloody Mary
  • Vodka and Whiskey Highballs
  • Gin Highballs

Drinks you can have in Collins Glass:

  • Harvey Wallbanger
  • Tom Collins
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Roy Rogers

2. The Martini Glass

If you are an alcoholic, you must be knowing how a martini glass looks and is considered as one of the classic glasses you can have at your home bar. The martini glasses are available in various sizes, some are small whereas some can hold liquor up to 10 ounces.

But having a 10 ounces capacity martini glass is not a good option as the drink that is served in martini glass is made from liquor and if you will serve 10 ounces, your guest won’t get an opportunity to enjoy its freshness till last. So, it's good if you go with a small size.

Drinks you can have in Martini Glass:

  • Cocktails - serve between 2-6 ounces
  • Drinks without ice cubes
  • Classic cocktails and martinis

3. The Shot Glass

Everyone is crazy about the shots! It takes us into some other world and having a shot glass for home bars is a must as if you do not have a shot glass, then your home bar is incomplete. The shot glasses are manufactured using the thicker glass type and because of the thickness of the glass, it does not break easily even after the glass is slammed on the table after the drinker takes a shot.

There are two types of shot glasses, one is the tall shot glass and other one is the small shot glass. In the small shot glass, you can just have a very minimal shot whereas in the tall glass, you can take a shot of around 5 ml which is enough to make you booze.

4. The Rock Glass or Old-Fashioned Glass

Whenever the old-fashioned glass is taken in picture, all we can think about is a chilled peg of whiskey with some sidebars. Also, known as the rock glass, it can be used when you want to have a small amount of neat whiskey but if you want to have a peg, then you can have a glass that can contain up to 6 ounces of drink.

5. The Champagne Glass

Champagne is a delicious drink. You can have your lunch or dinner and a champagne glass looks classic in everyone’s hands! There are different types of champagne glasses available, you can pick up as per your requirements. Whenever you are stepping out to buy champagne glass, make sure you are buying it in a set or 4 or 8.

The Champagne flute type of glass holds the capacity to have 7 to 11 ounces of champagne. And the other two types are champagne tulip and champagne saucer glasses.

Wrapping Up!

Mentioned above are the 5 glassware types that are a must for your home bar. If you have a home bar then do not miss to keep these glasses.