5 Best Simple Red Wine Cocktail Recipes To Try Now

5 Best Simple Red Wine Cocktail Recipes To Try Now

Wine is the refreshing drink of parties. Red wine not only goes with fancy pasta, pizza, chips, but there's much more you can do with it. A shot of vino can add depth of flavor and color to any cocktail, from basic Sangria to Kalimotxo–to a traditional Basque combination of red wine and Coke with a shot of vino can add depth of flavor and color to any cocktail.

1. Sangria

Sangria is one of those cocktails with the reddest wine and is considered the best red wine cocktail you can have. As for the recipe, you can easily use different flavors and ingredients as per your choices to make a cocktail that can be easily customized if required according to your taste. Here is one of the most popular Sangria recipes that you must try.


  • Sweet red wine - 1 bottle of 750 ml
  • Soda water - 17oz
  • Cognac - 2oz
  • Oranges - 2
  • Peaches - 2
  • Apple - 1
  • Ice and lemon for garnish


1. Squeeze an orange, apple, and peach into a container, and add lemon juice to it.
2. Cut the remaining orange into slices and use the peel on the glass for garnishing.
3. Add ice, and serve it with pasta or a pizza slice.


2. Bitter Temptation

This drink gives you a lot of choices. You can use different ingredients such as Fernet-Branca, crème de cacao, cold brew coffee, and more. Eventually, you will get to drink fabulous cocktails that you can enjoy by yourself or with your loved ones.


  • Fernet-Branca - ¾oz
  • Cold-brew coffee - 1oz
  • Vanilla syrup - ¾oz
  • Gragnano Vino - sparkling red wine 1oz


1. Mix all ingredients in a container and serve it in a wine glass to see the magic of colors.
2. Pair it up with salmon fish, and have fun!

Bitter Temptation

3. Devil’s Margarita

There are different types of margaritas, but there are a few ways to build the original. With its delectable red wine float, this one comes pretty close. Just half an ounce of vino adds a new taste dimension as well as color contrast. The result is an updated version of the original margarita. Let's see the recipe:


  • Blanco Tequila - 1.5oz
  • Lime juice - 1 freshly squeezed lime
  • Any red wine - 1.5oz
  • Simple syrup - ¾oz
  • Lime wheel for garnish


1. Take a cocktail shaker, and add lime juice, simple syrup into it.
2. Add ice, and shake the cocktail shaker until all ingredients are blended well.
3. Strain the entire cocktail into the cocktail glass, float the red wine on the top of the drink.
4. Garnish the top with a lime wheel.

Devil’s Margarita

4. Kalimotxo

You might be inclined to dismiss this understated mix of red wine and Coca-Cola, but don't. It is a popular drink in the Basque region of Spain, and for a good reason: it's simple and delicious. Since there are only two main ingredients, choose a good Rioja and a good Coca-Cola, made with natural sugar.


  • Spanish red wine - 3oz
  • Coca-cola - 3oz
  • Lemon peel for garnish


1. To make it, add Coke & the red wine into the shaker, having 2-3 ice cubes.
2. Shake it well, garnish with lemon peel, and serve.
3. If you want to eat something with it, you can go with a delicate red sauce pasta.


5. Lemon Red Wine Cocktail

Interesting name, isn't it? As the name suggests, the cocktail is about mixing lemon with red wine and drinking some fries. It is one of the simplest red wine cocktails that you can have at your home whenever you feel like you want to have a drink made in just a minute.



1. Combine all ingredients in a highball glass.
2. Before mixing, fill the glass with shredded ice so you can have it chilled.
3. Once mixed, garnish with lemon peel. Your red wine cocktail is ready!

Lemon Red Wine Cocktail

With the weather heating up, it's time to unwind with your favorite spirit. You can select among some new cocktails with wine, the season's magic tonic. Who can avoid glass or a bottle? And this will clear up your drinks menu if you're throwing a house party soon. There's also no need to pay for a bartender because making wine cocktails is very easy.

*Image Courtesy: Liquor.com