5 Best Cocktail Bars You Must Visit in Saint Louis

5 Best Cocktail Bars You Must Visit in Saint Louis

We all crave cocktails, because they are delicious and make us feel relaxed. Especially, when we are stepping out in the burning summer season for work, a chilled glass of cocktail works as water for us. It releases all our stress and makes us light-mood.

So, are you the one who are looking for which are the best cocktail bars near you in Saint Louis? If yes, then you can find it here!

Top 5 Best Cocktails Bars In Saint Louis:

1. Taste Bar:

Located in the Central West End area of Saint Louis, the Taste Bar is one of the most visited bars in the city. It has been considered as one of the best bars where you can get varieties of cocktails at an affordable price. Not only cocktails, but this place is also loved for serving some of the best delicious food that you can simultaneously enjoy with your drink.

2. Blood & Sand:

The blood & sand bar is located at 1500 St.Charles road in the downtown and is one of the most prominent cocktail bars in Saint Louis. Monthly, thousands of customers visit there to have their favorite cocktails and other beverages. It is a very nice place to hang out with your friends or loved ones. Do check it out.

3. Retreat Gastropub

The Retreat Gastropub is located near the taste bar. Being one of the top high-rated bars in Saint Louis, you can easily visit the bar and have your favorite cocktail and that too with your favorite food! Or you can order it from the bar itself if they provide the delivery facility.

4. Mission Taco Joint

The two brothers Adam and Jason were highly fond of traveling and while growing up in California, their love for street food made them think about opening a restaurant that serves food having flavors of their favorite food. And that is how the Mission Taco Joint started. Visit this bar and have a glass of chilled cocktail. Also, you can get an opportunity to explore various type of cocktails.

5. Narwhal’s Crafted

The narwhal’s crafted bar is located in the central west end of Saint Louis and has been given good ratings by its customers. So, if you want to enjoy a good cocktail, do visit this bar. The only thing that you will not get here is food as they only serve beverages. But it is assured that you will be getting various varieties of beverages in this bar.

So, after this corona crisis ends, call your friends and grab a seat in any of these bars and have a glass of chilled beverages.