4 Most Popular Wines in Missouri That You Must Drink

4 Most Popular Wines in Missouri That You Must Drink

Widely addressed as wine, the Missouri wines are assembled from a very sweet fruit that we all love - grapes. When the 19th century was going on, the immigrants from German region established an industry which became prominent by the name of “Missouri Rhineland”. This was the interval when, in 1880’s, Missouri state became the headmost county for manufacturing the finest wine in the alcohol industry and it got its name tabulated in the top wine-producing state covering the nation.

About Wine Industry in Missouri, USA

Missouri has witnessed a speedy growth in the wine industry. It has planted grapes for making wine in almost 1,600 acres of land which is around 6.5 km 2. In the year 2008, when the wine industry was still struggling to make its place in the alcohol market, the share of the Missouri wine inside the Missouri state only was approximately 7.95% and after that in 2009, the state got 97 wineries with the support of more than 400 local vineyards.

Top 4 Most Popular Wines in Missouri

If you are paying a visit to Missouri, make sure that you are tasting all these 4 most popular wines of Missouri. If not, then you will surely pass over an amazing experience and you will regret it later.

1. Adam Puchta’s Chardonel Wine

Manufactured in Adam Puchta Winery, Chardonel wine is one of the most loved wines in Missouri. The wine has a spicy finish with a light oak complexity. The wine is available in dry white color that has flavors of pear and green apple. The combination makes the wine more yum!

You can enjoy this wine with french cheeses, seafood or bake brie, it will add more spice to the evening you are spending with your special one. Make sure you are having this wine when it is chilled.

2. Stone Hill’s Dry Rose Wine

Special wine on your special day is a must! Made from Chambourcin, Traminette and other varieties of grapes, the dry rose wine is refreshing and crips having 13% alcohol volume and just a pinch of sugar 0.4%.

If you are crazy about exploring different types of wines, then this dry rose wine is a must on your table. The beautiful colors and zesty flavors make the wine more sweet. To enjoy each sip, have it with a plate of grilled chicken.

3. Augusta Winery River Valley White

The river valley white wine manufactured in the Augusta winery is made by blending white grapes and tastes really sweet. The wine is also good for health as it has a luscious finish and is rich in citrus and fruits.

You can have this wine with fruits, cheese cakes or dessert. It is like a cherry on the cake! Good to have till 2 years, the wine contains 10.00% alcohol by volume.

4. Noboleis Vineyards

Originating from Augusta, Missouri there are more than 22 vineyards of Nobolies that are popular for selling best wines in Missouri county. Starting from having a collection of dry wines to sweet wines, you can enjoy the dessert wines, sweet port wines, reserve and estate wines.

If you are wondering that while entering the Noboleis Vineyards, you will be asked to keep the outside food out of your bag then you are wrong because you can happily take your food with you, there are no restrictions on that.

Inside the tasting room, you will be offered pizzas and appetizers that are light in weight which you can have with your wine.

Relax & Chill!

Get a thrill out of each and every sup of your wine! Take a little allotment out of your occupied appointments and explore new wines, if you are a wine admirer and if you have never tried wine, then do it. This “first-time-tasting-wine” experience of yours will become a “wine-is-a-must” thing in your liveliness!

Reserve yourself away from drinking too much wine as it will vandalize your fitness. Everything is good when done in a limit.